The festive season is fast approaching and what better time than now to start sorting out your Christmas gifting list. Whether it is for a friend, family or a colleague, we know finding that perfect Christmas gift is not always a simple task, which is why we have created an exclusive APPELLES Gift Guide. From our best-selling and most-loved packs to our newest Rose Oil Blend Hand Cream additions, we have something that just about everyone will love.

Gifts for an acquaintance

Choosing the best Christmas gift for an acquaintance you may not know well can be a difficult feat. With our wide range of luxurious products, this is thankfully not impossible. Treat your giftee to opulent relaxation and self-indulgence with our gift packs that lovers of all thing’s luxury will be sure to adore. These make the perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa present.

Indulgence Pack

Featuring our Vitamin B3 Bath Caviar 40g, Vitamin B3 Body Buff 55g, Himalayan Bath Salts 60g, Green Seaweed Bath Fizz 100g and Konjac Sponge 110g, these products will create the most beautiful and sensorial spa experience right in the comfort of their own home.

Helping Hands Pack

Elevate their daily hand care regime with two our best-selling hand treatments. Combining our luxurious Lemon Verbena Hand Sanitiser 50ml and aromatic Vitamin B5 Hand Cream 70m, this hand duo is the perfect size to keep hands feeling refreshed and luxuriously hydrated whilst on-the-go.

NEW! Vitamin B5 Rose Oil Blend Hand Cream

Give the gift of luxurious nourishment this Christmas with our Vitamin B5 Rose Oil Blend Hand Cream. Deeply nourishing and incredibly moisturising, it will cocoon the skin in a beautiful fragrance whilst working to restore softness.

APPELLES Tranquility Pack gift. Includes Vitamin B5 Rose Oil Hand Cream, Himalayan Bath Salts 60g and Vanilla, Lilly and Jasmine 50g candle in personalised box
Tranquility Pack

Featuring everything needed to create a soothing personal haven, our Tranquility pack includes our NEW Vitamin B5 Rose Oil Blend Hand Cream 70ml, Vanilla & Lily Candle 50g and Bath Salts 60g. Your giftee will have the ability to creating a relaxing and aromatic ambience that will lull them into a state of utter tranquility.

Gifts for a close friend

Finding that perfect gift for a best friend or close relative can sometimes sound easier than what it is! Not only is this gift to be a thoughtful gesture but is also one chosen with love. Give them a gift that will make them smile with one of our beautiful and incredibly indulgent gift packs we know they will use all year long.

APPELLES Ultimate Pamper Bath & Body Gift
Ultimate Pamper Pack

Your friend will be luxuriating in an indulgent bath this festive season with our Ultimate Pamper Pack. This set includes our Vitamin B5 Rose Oil Blend Hand Cream 70ml, Vitamin B5 Skin Lotion 500ml, Green Seaweed Bath Fix and Vanilla, Lilly & Jasmine Candle 400g.

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APPELLES Hand Saviour Pack with Lemon Verbena Hand Sanitiser and Vitamin B5 Rose Oil Blend Hand Cream in multiple sizes
Hand Saviour Pack

Take care of your friends in the best way we can this year – looking after their hands. Our Hand Saviour Pack has everything needed for on-the-go hand care. Including our Lemon Verbena Hand Sanitiser in both 50ml and 500ml sizes, as well as our new Vitamin B5 Rose Oil Hand Cream in 15ml and 70ml sizes.

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Candle Duo Pack | Vanilla & Geranium

Our Candle Duo Pack is a must for all fragrance devotees. Including ourVanilla, Lilly and Jasmine Candle 400g and Geranium, Vetiver and Citrus Candle 400g, it will take their senses on an aromatic journey. This pairing will fill a room with a long-lasting sweet and fresh fragrance.

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Body Duo | Comfrey & Vitamin B5

Give your friends beautifully soft and hydrated skin with the APPELLES Classic Body Duo. Our best-selling Vitamin B5 Skin Lotion 500ml and Comfrey Hand & Body Wash 500ml work together to cleanse skin before adding essential hydration to leave skin feeling soft and supple.

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Gifts for HER

Spoil the extra special women in your life with some well-deserved pampering products. Whether it be your mum, sister, partner, aunt, cousin or grandmother, this selection of our most relaxing and decadent pamper packs will be a gift that she will love.

Steven Khalil for APPELLES Christmas Collection Gift Set - Luxury Perfume and Body products

This limited edition, exclusive pack in collaboration with leading Australian designer, Steven Khalil, offers his decadent signature Eau de Parfum with some best-selling APPELLES classics. Includes Vitamin B5 Hand Cream 70ml, Vitamin B5 Body Lotion 500ml, Comfrey Body Wash 500ml and Vitamin B3 Body Buff 50g.

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Hydrating Body Collection

Containing the best products from our Classic collection, the delightful and sensorial aromas will provide a nurturing treatment to the skin and senses. Includes our Comfrey Hand & Body Wash 500ml, Vitamin B5 Skin Lotion 500ml, Rosemary Body Bar 150g, Vitamin B3 Body Buff 200g and Konjac Sponge 110g.

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APPELLES Hand Cream Duo Pack with best-selling Vitamin B5 Hand Cream and new Vitamin B5 Rose Oil Blend Hand Cream

A beautiful gift this Christmas for hands that need extra hydration. Allow her to enjoy our best-selling Vitamin B5 Hand Cream and our new Vitamin B5 Rose Oil Blend Hand Cream in this delightfully wrapped duo. Their skin will be enveloped in decadent hydration and a delightful scent that can be chosen based on their mood.

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Candle Starter Pack

These 4 deluxe mini-sized candles will treat the senses whilst creating the perfect at-home sanctuary all-year round. ⁠This pack contains our entire Candle Collection, including the Sandalwood, Vetiver & Amber; Leather, Clove & Cardamom; Vanilla, Lilly & Jasmine and Geranium Leaf, Vetiver & Citrus. all in 50g jars.

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Gifts for Him

Buying a gift for your dad, partner, brother or grandfather can seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, we have picked out the perfect gift he would love from our APPELLES range of Nourishing and Revitalising Body Collections. Surprise him with a gift out-of-the-ordinary this Christmas with products that will provide nurturing and hydrating qualities to the skin.

Revitalising Body Collection

Enriched with key and essential ingredients of Davidson Plum and Vitamin B5, this collection is the perfect kit to add to his body care regime. Featuring our Davidson Plum Hand & Body Wash 500ml, Davidson Plum Skin Lotion 500ml, Vitamin B5 Body Buff 200g, Hibiscus Body Bar 150g and a Konjac Sponge 110g.

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For the sophisticated male that enjoys decadent scents. This bold fragrance blends spicy top notes of cardamom and clove with a long-lasting base of smoky leather, mahogany, patchouli and musk. The ideal way to create ambience in any room or living area, burning for up to 80 hours.

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Nourishing Body Collection

Containing all the essentials for the body, this pack provides the ultimate experience for skin and hair. Featuring our Willow Bark Hand & Body Wash 500ml, Sea Buckthorn Skin Lotion 500ml, Dead Sea Salt Soak 50g, Pepper Body Bar 150g and Konjac Sponge 110g.

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Body Duo | Willow Bark & Sea Buckthorn

Give the gift of soft and hydrated skin with our APPELLES Black Body Duo. Combining our Sea Buckthorn Lotion 500ml and Willow Bark Hand & Body Wash 500ml, these products work to deeply cleanse, hydrate and nourish the skin, adding a moment of indulgence to their daily body care routine.

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Gifts for Yourself

This holiday season try not to forget about you! Afterall, we all deserve a special treat every now and again. Take your pick from our exquisite pamper sets and get set to enjoy all-over luxurious indulgence.

APPELLES Best of Hands Rose Pack. Includes Vitamin B5 Rose Oil Hand Cream and Comfrey Hand and Body Wash 500ml
Best of Hands | Rose

Enjoy delightfully clean and hydrated hands with our Best of Hands Pack in Rose. Featuring our new Rose Oil Blend Hand Cream and our best-selling Comfrey Hand & Body Wash, allow skin to first be cleansed of germs and dirt before moisturising for beautifully conditioned and fragrant hands reminiscent of a bouquet of fresh roses.

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Sandalwood, Vetiver & Amber Candle 400g

Evoke warmth and relaxation with this exotic and rich fragrance. One of our best-selling Candles, this sophisticated scent opens with heady top-notes of intense Amber and refreshing Citrus. It is grounded with a sultry and spicy base of Patchouli and Sandalwood, perfect for enhancing any living space in your home.

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APPELLES Ultimate Pamper Bath & Body Gift
Ultimate Pamper Pack

A gift so luxurious, it is one to keep for yourself too. Includes our must-haves for the perfect evening at home. Begin by lighting the Vanilla, Lilly & Jasmine Candle 400g to create your setting, then add the Green Seaweed Bath Fizz to warm bath water for ultimate relaxation. Finish by applying the Vitamin B5 Skin Lotion all-over, paying special attention to hands with the Rose Hand Cream.

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Body Bar Trio Pack

Our Body Bar Trio Pack is the ultimate soap selection. The triple milled bars create a rich lather that provide extreme hydration to the skin. Perfectly balanced scents will transport the senses to a destination beyond your bathroom. Featuring our Hibiscus Hand & Body Bar 150g, Rosemary Hand & Body Bar 150g and our Pepper Hand & Body Bar 150g.

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