Be transported to the bountiful rose fields of Bulgaria with our new Vitamin B5 Rose Oil Blend Hand Cream. Fragranced with a fine pure blend of premium Rose Essential Oils and complemented with subtle notes of honey, cinnamon, clove and the unique terroir of the Rose Valley for an exquisite hydrating experience.

APPELLES Vitamin B5 Rose Hand Cream with lotion coming out of tube

Carefully selected ingredients capture the delicate scent of rose, providing a new take on our best-selling Vitamin B5 Hand Cream. Infused with Rosa Damascena Extracts, sourced ethically from the farmlands of Bulgaria, it creates a wonderfully nourishing and rejuvenating hand treatment.

Bulgaria is known for its breathtaking scenery, gorgeous architecture and, of course, the abundant rose fields. The Bulgarian Rose is one of the finest roses in the world, known for its effortless beauty and distinctive fragrance and is a symbol of the country. The plant is the symbol of Bulgaria and is mostly cultivated and harvested in the Rose Valley, located in the center of the country. For centuries, Bulgarian people have valued the beneficial medicinal properties of the Bulgarian rose and over the years have refined the process to extract only the best essentials from such a decadent plant into the finest beauty products. Rosa Damascena only blooms during May and June for a period that lasts between 15 to 35 days. Bloomed in the Rose Valley, located in the center of the country, the rare harvest provides a luxurious perfumed extract, that adds mild and spicy floral notes whilst treating the hands to hydration.

APPELLES Rose Hand Cream on rose bouquet

The carefully extracted natural oils from rose petals infuse the APPELLES Vitamin B5 Rose Oil Blend to help improve the texture and quality of the skin. The natural oils act as a moisturiser, adding opulent hydration to the skin to leave hands feeling soft, supple and looking radiant. The Rose Oil is perfectly balanced and complemented by Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera and Grape Seed Oil, also found in the Hand Cream.

The sweet and luxurious scent of rose provides an aromatic and calming ambience to be enjoyed endlessly on every application. Working to elevate your daily hand care regime, the Vitamin B5 Rose Oil Blend Hand Cream will take your senses on an aromatic journey, leaving hands delicately and luxuriously fragranced. It is a must have for any lover of rose.